2 juin 2023

CEH: Gathering Host And Network Information | Scanning


It is important that the information-gathering stage be as complete as possible to identify the best location and targets to scan. After the completion of  footprinting and information gathering methodologies, scanning is performed.
During scanning, the hacker has vision to get information about network an hosts which are connected to that network that can help hackers to determine which type of exploit to use in hacking a system precisely. Information such as an IP addresses, operating system, services, and installed applications.

Scanning is the methodology used to detect the system that are alive and respond on the network or not. Ethical hackers use these type of scanning to identify the IP address of target system. Scanning is also used to determine the availability of the system whether it is connected to the network or not.

Types Of Scanning 

Network Scanning Identifies IP addresses on a given network or subnet
Port Scanning Determines open, close, filtered and unfiltered ports and services
Vulnerability Scanner Detect the vulnerability on the target system

Port Scanning ​

Port scanning is the process of identifying open and available TCP/IP ports on a system. Port-scanning tools enable a hacker to learn about the services available on a given system. Each service or application on a machine is associated with a well-known port number. Port Numbers are divided into three ranges:
  • Well-Known Ports: 0-1023
  • Registered Ports: 1024-49151
  • Dynamic Ports: 49152-6553

Network Scanning

Network scanning is performed for the detection of active hosts on a network either you wanna attack them or as a network administrator. Network-scanning tools attempt to identify all the live or responding hosts on the network and their corresponding IP addresses. Hosts are identified by their individual IP addresses.

Vulnerability Scanning

This methodology is used to detect vulnerabilities of computer systems on a network. A vulnerability scanner typically identifies the operating system and version number, including applications that are installed. After that the scanner will try to detect vulnerabilities and weakness in the operating system. During the later attack phase, a hacker can exploit those weaknesses in order to gain access to the system. Moreover, the vulnerability scanner can be detected as well, because the scanner must interact over the network with target machine.

The CEH Scanning Methodology

As a CEH, you should understand the methodology about scanning presented in the figure below. Because this is the actual need of hackers to perform further attacks after the information about network and hosts which are connected to the network. It detects the vulnerabilities in the system bu which hackers can be accessible to that system by exploitation of that vulnerabilities.

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1 juin 2023

Linux Stack Protection By Default

Modern gcc compiler (v9.2.0) protects the stack by default and you will notice it because instead of SIGSEGV on stack overflow you will get a SIGABRT, but it also generates coredumps.

In this case the compiler adds the variable local_10. This variable helds a canary value that is checked at the end of the function.
The memset overflows the four bytes stack variable and modifies the canary value.

The 64bits canary 0x5429851ebaf95800 can't be predicted, but in specific situations is not re-generated and can be bruteforced or in other situations can be leaked from memory for example using a format string vulnerability or an arbitrary read wihout overflowing the stack.

If the canary doesn't match, the libc function __stack_chck_fail is called and terminates the prorgam with a SIGABORT which generates a coredump, in the case of archlinux managed by systemd and are stored on "/var/lib/systemd/coredump/"

❯❯❯ ./test 
*** stack smashing detected ***: terminated
fish: './test' terminated by signal SIGABRT (Abort)

❯❯❯ sudo lz4 -d core.test.1000.c611b7caa58a4fa3bcf403e6eac95bb0.1121.1574354610000000.lz4
[sudo] password for xxxx: 
Decoding file core.test.1000.c611b7caa58a4fa3bcf403e6eac95bb0.1121.1574354610000000 
core.test.1000.c611b : decoded 249856 bytes 

 ❯❯❯ sudo gdb /home/xxxx/test core.test.1000.c611b7caa58a4fa3bcf403e6eac95bb0.1121.1574354610000000 -q 

We specify the binary and the core file as a gdb parameters. We can see only one LWP (light weight process) or linux thread, so in this case is quicker to check. First of all lets see the back trace, because in this case the execution don't terminate in the segfaulted return.

We can see on frame 5 the address were it would had returned to main if it wouldn't aborted.

Happy Idea: we can use this stack canary aborts to detect stack overflows. In Debian with prevous versions it will be exploitable depending on the compilation flags used.
And note that the canary is located as the last variable in the stack so the previous variables can be overwritten without problems.

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Everything over the internet is secured by the passwords. You need a login to do any stuff on any social or banking website. Passwords are the first security measure for these type of websites. So, I brought a tutorial on how to hack such sort of login passwords. This tutorial is based on credential harvester attack method. In which you will know about hacking passwords using credential harvester attack method.



It's very simple and easy to follow. Before you start, you need the following things to work with.
  1. Kali Linux OS
  2. Target Website


  • Run the Kali Linux machine. If you have not Kali Linux installed, you can grab a free copy and install it as a virtual machine. You can learn more about Kali Linux VirtualBox installation.
  • Sign in to Kali Linux by entering username root and password toor.
  • As you'll sign in, navigate to the Applications > Social Engineering Tools > Social Engineering as shown in the following screenshot.
  • Now you will see the different options. You have to choose Social Engineering Attacks by simply entering its number in the terminal. Once you do it, it will show a few options further. Simply choose Website Vector Attack by putting its number.
  • Website vector attack will show up it's a different type of attacks. We are going to use Credential Harvester Attack.
  • Choose the Site Clone option. As you do it, it will ask for your public IP address. Just open up a new terminal and type ifconfig. It'll show the public IP. Just copy it and paste in the previous terminal as shown in the following screenshots.
  • After we do it. Enter the target website of which passwords you want to hack. Make sure to use a website that has username and password on the same page.
  • All done now. As someone opens up the browser on the public IP we specified, it'll show up the website that we entered in the previous step. Now as someone enters their username or password, it will be captured in the terminal.

That's all. If you're not clear yet. You can watch the following complete video tutorial on how to do it.

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Domain Renewal Notice blogger.com

  Dear gpxnord.christophe@blogger.com,    This is to inform you that the following domain name is going to expire in 5 days.    Domain Name:  blogger.com  Expiry Date: 01-June-2023    As the owner of the domain name, we would like you to continue with the reservation of your chosen domain name.    Please renew your domain name as early as possible. After the grace period, the domain name will be released into the public domain and you might not be able to get back your chosen domain name!    To renew your domain name online, please follow the steps here.  
  Don't have the login? Follow the steps here  .    Regards,

31 mai 2023

CEH: Fundamentals Of Social Engineering

Social engineering is a nontechnical method of breaking into a system or network. It's the process of deceiving users of a system and convincing them to perform acts useful to the hacker, such as giving out information that can be used to defeat or bypass security mechanisms. Social engineering is important to understand because hackers can use it to attack the human element of a system and circumvent technical security measures. This method can be used to gather information before or during an attack.

A social engineer commonly uses the telephone or Internet to trick people into revealing sensitive information or to get them to do something that is against the security policies of the organization. By this method, social engineers exploit the natural tendency of a person to trust their word, rather than exploiting computer security holes. It's generally agreed that users are the weak link in security; this principle is what makes social engineering possible.

The most dangerous part of social engineering is that companies with authentication processes, firewalls, virtual private networks, and network monitoring software are still wide open to attacks, because social engineering doesn't assault the security measures directly. Instead, a social-engineering attack bypasses the security measures and goes after the human element in an organization.

Types of Social Engineering-Attacks

There are two types of Social Engineering attacks


Human-based social engineering refers to person-to-person interaction to retrieve the desired information. An example is calling the help desk and trying to find out a password.


​Computer-based social engineering refers to having computer software that attempts to retrieve the desired information. An example is sending a user an email and asking them to reenter a password in a web page to confirm it. This social-engineering attack is also known as phishing.

Human-Based Social Engineering

Human-Based further categorized as follow:

Impersonating an Employee or Valid User

In this type of social-engineering attack, the hacker pretends to be an employee or valid user on the system. A hacker can gain physical access by pretending to be a janitor, employee, or contractor. Once inside the facility, the hacker gathers information from trashcans, desktops, or computer systems.

Posing as an Important User

In this type of attack, the hacker pretends to be an important user such as an executive or high-level manager who needs immediate assistance to gain access to a computer system or files. The hacker uses intimidation so that a lower-level employee such as a help desk worker will assist them in gaining access to the system. Most low-level employees won't question someone who appears to be in a position of authority.

Using a Third Person

Using the third-person approach, a hacker pretends to have permission from an authorized source to use a system. This attack is especially effective if the supposed authorized source is on vacation or can't be contacted for verification.

Calling Technical Support

Calling tech support for assistance is a classic social-engineering technique. Help desk and technical support personnel are trained to help users, which makes them good prey for social-engineering attacks.

Shoulder Surfing 

Shoulder surfing is a technique of gathering passwords by watching over a person's shoulder while they log in to the system. A hacker can watch a valid user log in and then use that password to gain access to the system.

Dumpster Diving

Dumpster diving involves looking in the trash for information written on pieces of paper or computer printouts. The hacker can often find passwords, filenames, or other pieces of confidential information.

Computer-Based Social Engineering

Computer-based social-engineering attacks can include the following:
  • Email attachments
  • Fake websites
  • Pop-up windows

Insider Attacks

If a hacker can't find any other way to hack an organization, the next best option is to infiltrate the organization by getting hired as an employee or finding a disgruntled employee to assist in the attack. Insider attacks can be powerful because employees have physical access and are able to move freely about the organization. An example might be someone posing as a delivery person by wearing a uniform and gaining access to a delivery room or loading dock. Another possibility is someone posing as a member of the cleaning crew who has access to the inside of the building and is usually able to move about the offices. As a last resort, a hacker might bribe or otherwise coerce an employee to participate in the attack by providing information such as passwords.

Identity Theft

A hacker can pose as an employee or steal the employee's identity to perpetrate an attack. Information gathered in dumpster diving or shoulder surfing in combination with creating fake ID badges can gain the hacker entry into an organization. Creating a persona that can enter the building unchallenged is the goal of identity theft.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing involves sending an email, usually posing as a bank, credit card company, or other financial organization. The email requests that the recipient confirm banking information or reset passwords or PINs. The user clicks the link in the email and is redirected to a fake website. The hacker is then able to capture this information and use it for financial gain or to perpetrate other attacks. Emails that claim the senders have a great amount of money but need your help getting it out of the country are examples of phishing attacks. These attacks prey on the common person and are aimed at getting them to provide bank account access codes or other confidential information to the hacker.

Online Scams

Some websites that make free offers or other special deals can lure a victim to enter a username and password that may be the same as those they use to access their work system.
The hacker can use this valid username and password once the user enters the information in the website form. Mail attachments can be used to send malicious code to a victim's system, which could automatically execute something like a software keylogger to capture passwords. Viruses, Trojans, and worms can be included in cleverly crafted emails to entice a victim to open the attachment. Mail attachments are considered a computer-based social-engineering attack.

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